Your 24/7 Concierge

We’ll Take Care Of Everything

Your Favorite Travel Agent is a world leader in luxury leisure experiences. From flights and hotels to dining, shopping, entertainment and excursions… we handle it all. Gone are the days of trying to piece together a trip or missing out on an experience!

Meet Your 24/7 Concierge

Your Favorite Travel Agent is the brainchild of Jason Squatriglia

Jason treats each journey as if it was his own adventure. He builds the most remarkable travel itinerary from wheels up when chartering a plane to napkins down at your private dinner with a Michelin star chef.

When you approach us with your dream travel wish list, we work together to build a truly exclusive & unforgettable experience for you. Using worldwide connections established by more than a decade in the travel industry, we go above and beyond to deliver on every single request.

Tailormade Just For You

Why Travel With Us?

Access. Access. Access. We’ve traveled the world and built relationships with the people that make destinations unforgettable. These are the connections that allow us to create world-class experiences.

We’re not going to give you a pre-arranged travel package. This isn’t a prix fixe menu — we’re a la carte all the way!

When you approach us with your dream travel wish list, we get to work and piece together a truly exclusive, rare experience. Using worldwide connections built over a decade in the industry, Jason and his team will go above and beyond to deliver on every request.

The Luxury Treatment

Unable to get a table at the hottest new restaurant? Jason can clear a table for you. Looking for the private luxury shopping experience you deserve? Jason can handle that, too. Backstage access, VIP treatment and once-in-a-lifetime experiences… there’s no request too large for Jason and the team.

We Do It All

We’re here for whatever you need. We make your vacation actually feel like a vacation. No stress, every detail is left to us. Any request can be accommodated. Nothing is impossible. 

Let’s build your dream trip together.

Meet Our Amazing Team

Alex Wuesthoff

Assistant to Jason Squatriglia

Victoria Wuesthoff

Sales Coordinator

Dinarae Camarda

Director of Client Experience

Incredible experiences.
Unmatched access.

What I Can Offer You

There really are no limits here. Travel, lodging, dining, entertainment, excursions, luxury goods, and automobiles. Whatever you desire, we can deliver.

Experienced Travel Agent

This isn’t our first time or a hobby. This is our passion.

VIP Experiences

Unmatched access to exclusive events.

Luxury Goods

Whatever you want, we can get it.

Flexible Itineraries

Your schedule. Your preferences.

Bespoke Travel

Live it up. Do it right.

Group Bookings

Bachelor/bachelorette parties, corporate getaways, wellness retreats.


This is your chance. No limits, no restrictions. No destination too far, no request too outlandish. You name it, we can make it happen. Let’s make your dream luxury experience come true. 

So tell us more. What can we do for you?

“You and your travel party are our number one priority. We’ll build the experience of a lifetime for you down to every little detail. Nothing but the best! See you at the top.”

– Your Favorite Travel Agent founder, Jason Squatriglia